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Kilo is the first distillery in Vietnam to produce tropical fruit spirits based on well-proven Swiss manufacturing methods.

For the production of distillates from tropical fruits, however, there is little information and experience. The transfer of processing to the local conditions is therefore associated with much research and experimentation. In this pioneering work, we not only rely on our careful approach, but have our products analyzed by accredited institutions such as the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang. So we can guarantee the wholesomeness and quality of our products. Before the market launch, each drink is examined for any harmful ingredients.




The results so far are extremely satisfactory: In our distillates no toxins such as hydrogen cyanide (hydrocyanic acid) or ochratoxin A (a mold poison) could be found. The poisonous alcohol methanol found in each distillate has been found to be harmless. At a limit of 10'000 mg / l of pure alcohol, the following methanol concentrations were found in our distillates:


 Distillate   Methanol content in mg/l pure alcohol 
 Pineapple Brandy 545.9 
 Passion Fruit Brandy 2'441.9 
 Banana Brandy 2'301.3
 Grape Brandy (Grappa) 1'047
 Herbal Brandy  156.5
 Rum (white) 17.32
 Rum (Oak barrel, 55%) 20.02

 20190109 Test Report 36 Passionsfrucht sw

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