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12.6.2021 - 12.7.2021




00 tramondi fussball euro 2020 ball1   Titelseite EM2020   00 tramondi fussball euro 2020 ball2

All matches on the big screen in The Kilo-Bar! 


All Results 




Saturday / samedi / Samstag / Ngày thứ bảy




Net's Dinner-Concert (2nd edition)


20210501 2nets dinner concert


Like the 1st edition of the Dinner-Concert, a wonderful evening with delicious French food 😋😋😋😋😋 and soooo great music 👂👂👂👂👂 

Thanks to Net and the Brothers 3! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰





Tuesday / mardi / Dienstag / Ngày thứ ba




Net's Dinner-Concert (1st edition)

 2021404120 nets dinner concert1


There are no words that can describe this wonderful evening!!! 😍

We really had it all:

Great thanks to Net for the organisation and the delicious food!

And the "Brothers 3" gave us all the good music: Rock, Blues, Reggae, Ballads, and also...




We're already planning the second edition. Don't miss it! 😉





Sunday / dimanche / Sonntag



Pickling Club Party 

20210314 StPatricks Pickling Party


Another wonderful party with the picklers 😍 with a very special highlight:


(Sorry, because of the few bars of music I used in the video, it's banned in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) 


And here, many pics of the evening:






To learn more about the Pickling Club Nha Trang and/or to become a member, look here:

Pickling Club Nha Trang on Facebook



Tuesday / mardi / Dienstag



20210216 Bluesnight 2

Another great Blues & Rock Night with the Duc of Blues and the Dewlaps (sorry, I got just al little excerpt from Voodoo Child) ...

...and a special performance of Attila:

For a change, we served German sausages and French Fries instead of Pizza. Here some pics of the evening.


Thanks to everybody for helping to give Tết 2021 a different groove! 

2021012 tet 1200 3



Sunday / dimanche / Sonntag



Pickling Club Party 

pickles mixed food 745113


The start of the pickling year 2021 was really promising. 

The food challenge planned by Queenie was a higlight and as always: great party! Thanks to everybody! 

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To learn more about this club and/or to become a member, look here:

Pickling Club Nha Trang on Facebook







20201219 BluesRock Night

A very special evening with steaming Blues, Rock and the participation of Santa and Scrooge.
Furthermore, we celebrated the birthday of Beverly. We all wish you only the best, Beverly!!! 😘😘😘
130979296 2150548458410658 255355467287212561 o
Thanks everyone for the wonderful party!!! 🥳🥳🥳
It's only in the end of the party, that Santa and Scrooge found a common ground: They both say bye to the year 2020 in a very similar way:


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20201219 212833






Pickling Club Party 

126295874 3610362752355776 7968616822311513258 n


Yeah! The Picklers did it again! 😁

This time with Queenies ultimate VINEGAR CHALLENGE


125378857 3596804480378270 9117244306223974029 o



To learn more about this club and/or to become a member, look here:

Pickling Club Nha Trang on Facebook







Steves Birthday Party neu 9 mit Korr auf 63


Yeah! With this wonderful party we didn't only fake Steve's age, ...

20201105 184031

... the Dewlaps also celebrated 270 views on Youtube (as they were quicker than Joe Biden, it's them that will go in the White House 😝) and for the first time, they played their famous hit "Rockabilly Drool Bib"  UNMASKED... 

The evening was full of great sounds with many wonderful musicians - thank you so much friends! ❤️❤️❤️

Here some excerpts: 

... and finally the birtday child got a big cake with plenty of candles:

 ... and don't forget to click on the "Rockabilly Drool Bib" video.  





Pickling Club Party 

121018749 3494667813925271 1289118664215707588 n


Another great party with the Picklers. This time with a special event: The Fire Noodle Challenge. Hot scenes at the Kilo-Bar! 





To learn more about this club and/or to become a member, look here:

Pickling Club Nha Trang on Facebook







20201009 1st anniversary FB Bild 1200x628


After 1 year with 42 Cinema Evenings at the Kilo-Bar, we would like to thank the members of the Cinema Club Nha Trang for sharing highlights of the cinema on Wednesdays. We love you! 😘


On this evening, we had no movie on the screen,...

... but we shot scenes for a music video of the Dewlaps & Friends: "Rockabilly Drool Bib":



And later we had a wonderful party with live music. Many kisses to the Dewlaps, Duc, Kurt, Gregory, Bin, Juliette, Oli and his friend!

... and of course, a big thank you to all our friends for being here and creating a unique atmosphere! ❤️❤️❤️




Monday / lundi / Montag



Pickling Club Party 

119554958 10158412467467559 5565157044011778800 n


Another wonderful pickling party with the united picklers of all countries! Every time there are more delicacies available, great! ❤️❤️❤️


Become a member and don't miss the next party:

Pickling Club Nha Trang on Facebook




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