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We are constantly developing new products. The possibilities of producing drinks from local raw materials are almost limitless.

However, product development is very time-consuming. The fermentation and storage takes a lot of time. Of course, we also depend on the seasonal availability of the fruits. We also attach great importance to a comprehensive analysis to ensure quality.


Our projects for the next months:



Grape Brandy ("Grappa"):

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Recently, we have established contacts with winegrowers in Phan Rang. We have already distilled a first "Grappa". Since we do not use (as usual with Grappa) only the waste of the wine production, but whole fruits, our distillate receives a very fruity taste.



Jackfruit Brandy:



Because of its incredible size, the Jackfruit is probably the most impressive fruit in Vietnam. The taste of the pulp is absolutely unique - however, not for everyone. (Attention: please do not confuse with the smelly Durian!) We have already done some promising tests with Jackfruit and will probably produce a larger quantity of this absolutely new type of beverage in the next few months.



Flavored rum:

Rum, made exclusively from molasses, yeast and water, is soon available. We experiment with the addition of fruits in the fermentation process with different flavors. The previous rum experiments with pineapple and passion fruit flavor are promising. But this is only the beginning!

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