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Our main products are noble distillates from tropical fruits. These are high-percentage drinks (40% alcohol content), which reflect the taste and aroma of the fruit in their purest and unadulterated form. With a special distillation technique, we ensure that the natural, peculiar aromas are preserved. Our noble distillates are made exclusively from fruits, yeast and water. We consistently refrain from additives to be able to offer as natural distillates as possible. To fully enjoy the scent and taste of a noble brandy, we recommend to drink it pure and uncooled. Drink a glass of water (with ice) or a cold beer with it!

Of course, you can also use our brandies to mix sophisticated cocktails or enhance your coffee or tea for a special drinking experience. 



Pineapple Brandy

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The scent and taste of the delicious Vietnamese pineapple captured in the bottle for you. We prefer to use local pineapple (mainly from the neighboring province of Phú Yên).



Passion Fruit Brandy

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Thanks to the flavors contained in passion fruit, the fragrance of this drink is unique and reminds you of a perfume or jasmine flowers. Since passion fruit is cultivated in sufficient quantities only in the central highlands of Vietnam, we use passion fruits from the nearby Đà Lạt area. 



Banana Brandy

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Bananas have less flavor compared to other fruits, so the fragrance and taste of the distillate is very subtle. However, in cocktails, the banana brandy unfolds its full flavor. We use only selected and ripe bananas from the region for our banana distillate.





We also produce so-called "geist". Aromatic parts of plants, which themselves have no or insufficient sugar, must be processed in another way: the aromas are extracted with a neutral alcohol and then distilled to obtain a transparent destillate.


Herbal Brandy ("Kräutergeist")

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For our herbal brandy we use different spices and herbs from Vietnam. The flavor of this distillate dominated by anise and cinnamon is not only a pleasure to drink, the herbal extracts also help to relieve cough and colds.







Our province Khánh Hòa has a big sugar industry. From sugarcane raw cane sugar is extracted and refined. This creates the raw material for rum: molasses. Since 2019 we produce our own rum and store it both in chrome steel tanks (white rum) as well as in oak barrels (slightly colored rum with a smoky, woody taste).


New Products

We are constantly developing new products. The possibilities of making drinks from local products in Vietnam are almost limitless. Take a look at our current projects under Product News.




The quality of our products is a central concern to us. Prior to commercialization, each new beverage is tested for any harmful substances by an accredited institute (e.g., Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang). Thanks to our careful way of working, the results are really satisfying.


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