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Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


Surprise, surprise!! There will be another...
20240517 jam session



Past Events


Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


Wow! That was a great evening with very jazzy grooves!!! Thanks guys!!!
Of course, again an international jam with musicians from Hungary, Russia, USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand.
20240517 jam session
Facebook Livestreams: 
Clips on YouTube:



Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


Surf on! 🌊🏄




Full concert 



Saturday / samedi / Samstag / Thứ bảy


Live Music:


Amazing sounds of the bass guitar in the Kilo Bar 






Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


It's been a great...
20240517 jam session


Yeah, great evening!!! Thanks guys! Musicians from all over the world were jamming: Iain (UK), Nikita (Russia), Germán (Chile), Mish (Russia), Walter (Italy), Eugene (Russia), Steve (New Zealand) and Kilo (Switzerland). 


Short livestream on Facebook: 



1  Iain, Nikita, Germán (Kilo) 


2  Iain, Nikita, Germán 


3  Iain, Nikita, Germán 


4 Iain, Nikita, Germán 


5 Mish, Iain, Nikita, Germán, Steve


6 Mish, Iain, Nikita, Germán, Steve


7 Mish, Eugene, Nikita, Steve, Walter 


8 Mish, Eugene, Nikita, Walter 


9  Steve, Nikita, Walter 


10 Steve, Nikita, Walter, Kilo - I shot the sheriff 


11 Steve, Nikita, Walter, Kilo 


12 Steve, Nikita, Walter, Kilo - Come together


Sunday / dimanche / Sonntag / Chủ nhật


Special Evening for Steve Fisher:


 photo 2024 04 04 17 42 24



On January 26, 2024, our good friend Steve passed away. We would like to invite all his friends and music buddies to bid farewell at this celebration of his life.

We all know that Steve was a passionate musician and would surely be pleased if his fellow musicians serenaded him. Therefore, all musicians who have played with Steve are especially invited to participate in a jam session for Steve.

There will be free pizza slices for everyone, and drinks will be at the expense of each participant. Thank you for stopping by on Sunday and paying your last respects to Steve.



Saturday / samedi / Samstag / Thứ bảy


Live Music:


Surfing on the sound waves in the Kilo Bar 





Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


An evening for bassaholics!





Sunday / dimanche / Sonntag / Chủ nhật


Kilo Cinema Night:

Finnish metal comedy: 

 photo 2024 04 04 17 42 24


Are you ready for some 

Symphonic Postapocalyptic Reindeer Grinding Christ-Abusing Extreme War Pagan Fennoscandian Metal?

So here we go! One of the funniest movies I've ever seen! 

(Original Finnish with English subtitles)


Movie starts at 8 pm


Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


Waving the surfs...ehm... surfing the waves! 🌊🏄





Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu


Live Music:


Mish on BASS!





Sunday / dimanche / Sonntag / Chủ nhật


Russian Cinema Night:

 photo 2024 04 04 17 42 24



Дорогие друзья!
Мы продолжаем Фестиваль Знакового Кино в Нячанге!
Нас с Вами ждет месяц братьев Коэнов, и , в ближайшее воскресенье, 7 апреля, мы откроем этот месяц картиной Бартон Финк, признанной критиками одной из лучших работ мастеров.
Сюрреалистическая черная комедия с прекрасными актерами в главных ролях.

Показ откроет лекция Владислава Шабакаева о киноискусстве и особенностях кино братьев Коэнов.

Показ будет сопровождаться традиционной китайской чайной церемонией с лучшими чаями нашего чайного клуба.

После просмотра пройдет обсуждение фильма.

Сбор гостей: 18:00


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