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Vergangene Events (Englisch)


Monday / lundi / Montag



Pickling Club Party 

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Another wonderful pickling party with the united picklers of all countries! Every time there are more delicacies available, great! ❤️❤️❤️


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Monday / lundi / Montag



Pickling Club Party 

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Again a fantastic evening with plenty of delicious pickles to discover and a great atmosphere! Picklers of all countries, unite! 



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Monday / lundi / Montag



Pickling Club Party


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Wow! A really wonderful pickled pickling Party of the Pickling Club Nha Trang. If this club wouldn't exist yet, you should absolutely found it. ❤️


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Thursday / jeudi / Donnerstag



"Fuck Off, Dingo and Mauzz!" 



Thanks everybody for making the farewell party for Dingo and Mauzz unforgettable! ❤️❤️❤️ 




Some exerpts from the evening


Mix of some clips:


Mongolian-Hungarian Dance


The Dewlaps Big-Band (thanks to Eric and Đức)

Wang Dang Doodle (sorry, the camera had some Sangria)


The Dewlaps Big-Band (thanks to Eric and Đức)

Crossroads (with the Sangria-effect)


More than two years we played together in this famous ? - Blues - Band and had so much fun. So Nol and I really enjoyed  ...


The Last "Tango" with Dingo


Dear Mauzz and Dingo, all the best for the future! 


... and the "They are back"-Party for 11.1.2021 is scheduled ?



Saturday / samedi / Samstag



1year party 1ebene klein



Wow! What a wonderful evening in the Kilo-Bar!!! 


Special thanks to...

... The Dewlaps (❤️ U guys!!!) with the supporting Kurt and Nadina...


... The Colors of Nha Trang: Attila, Emily with the supporting Hus and Nadina...


... our professional bartender Mr. Tân...

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... all the staff who prepared the delicious food in the kitchen...

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 ... Steve, the Pizza-Guru who showed us how to do things right...

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 ... the Pizza-Boys...

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... Kurt for the sexy decoration...

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 ... and you all for making this great party possible! ???


Wednesday / mercredi / Mittwoch



Spaghetti- and Salad-Buffet & Live-Music with "The Colors of Nha Trang"

After the Lockdown, we were really happy to welcome our friends to the Kilo-Bar again. But we couldn't imagine that it would be such a great international Evening (AUS, CH, F, H, IRL, NL, USA, VN).

Thanks to everybody: "The Colors of Nha Trang" (Attila and Emily), Nol and Tyron for the great Jam, Tuco and Marie for the Karaoke and everybody that was here to make this evening an unforgettable memory. 


Friday / vendredi / Freitag


MUSIC: Jam-Session

with Attila and Surprise-Guests! 

Attila kilo bar



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