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Saturday / samedi / Samstag / Thứ bảy


Live Music:


 From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.


20220528 pianoman clemens1


It's a great pleasure for the Kilo Bar to welcome our surprise guest from Germany.

Of course, like every weekend, there are pizzas and salads on offer.




Wednesday / mercredi / Mittwoch / Thứ tư


Food & Music:


Spaghetti-Salad-Buffet with Live-Music


From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.


20220601 spaghetti buffet mit erick5


Spaghetti & Salad Buffet: 160'000 VND
Live Music: We'll pass the hat. Thank you for supporting local musicians!





Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu




Net's Dinner-Concert (4th edition)


 From 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.


20220603 4 dinner concert1



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 -> https://www.facebook.com/KiloDistilleryBar



Chicken curry with potatoes and egg-plant served with white rice and green salad vinaigrette

Drinks & Pizza: See menu of the Kilo-Bar



“Brothers 3” with Erick, Đức & Alexander playing Rock and Blues music



200 000 VND for the dinner and the concert

50 000 VND for the concert (without the meal)


(We are sorry, we can't guarantee a seat and a meal for people who đidn't reserve!)


Contact to book and purchase the tickets

Net’s phone number, Zalo or What’s app: 03-33-23-98-70

Messenger name: ernest modeste



Vergangene Events



Friday / vendredi / Freitag / Thứ sáu




Net's Dinner-Concert (3rd edition)


20220520 3nets dinner concert end


Finally the Kilo Bar rocks again!!! Great Evening! Thanks to everybody!


Here the main actors: the "Brothers 3" with a short glimpse on Net, the organizer



And an unofficial video with the "Brothers 3" and a special host ;-)





Wednesday / mercredi / Mittwoch / Thứ tư


Food & Music:


Spaghetti-Salad-Buffet with Live-Music


20220518 spaghetti buffet mit erick4


Great Evening with Erick at his best!  
Thank you for supporting local musicians! ... and local distillers! :-D






After the long Covid-lockdown-stay-home-no fun-no party-no live music-break, we had a great evening with 


20220128 dewlaps neutral


Two snapshots from the Dewlaps on their Jamaican getaway:


Thanks so much to Simba for her guest appearance 


12.6.2021 - 12.7.2021




00 tramondi fussball euro 2020 ball1   Titelseite EM2020   00 tramondi fussball euro 2020 ball2

All matches on the big screen in The Kilo-Bar! 


All Results 




Saturday / samedi / Samstag / Ngày thứ bảy




Net's Dinner-Concert (2nd edition)


20210501 2nets dinner concert


Like the 1st edition of the Dinner-Concert, a wonderful evening with delicious French food 😋😋😋😋😋 and soooo great music 👂👂👂👂👂 

Thanks to Net and the Brothers 3! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰





Tuesday / mardi / Dienstag / Ngày thứ ba




Net's Dinner-Concert (1st edition)

 2021404120 nets dinner concert1


There are no words that can describe this wonderful evening!!! 😍

We really had it all:

Great thanks to Net for the organisation and the delicious food!

And the "Brothers 3" gave us all the good music: Rock, Blues, Reggae, Ballads, and also...




We're already planning the second edition. Don't miss it! 😉




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